• Zixtech Oragnization is an organization with the vision to improve the future of the community through incrmental steps. Zixtech organization has 2 branches namely Zixtech Community and Zixtech Volunteers.

  • Zitech Volunteers provides a platform for volunteers and interns to connect to organizations worldwide. So we help organizations especially those with no web presence to provide them volunteers and interns.

  • We focus primarily on community and grassroot organizations with little or no infracstructure and human resources to bid for project financing.

  • We help grassroot and community organizations create, manage their online information content. We help them to be visible online and to create a social media platform to create awareness.

  • We provide consultancy services for organizations especially grassroot organizations in how to create an organizational computer system. We offer services to improve their information managment, storage and access of organizational information

  • We carry out projects in ICT, Education, Orphans and less privileged, HIV awareness, Sustainable Agriculture, Vocational training, Entrepreneuship in partnership with other organizations.


We offer Website design, Web Hosting, Domain names, Email Accounts:: We design, host websites for grassroot and community organizations for free (minimal contribution).

Under this programme we focus mainly on grassroot organizations and community based organizations who are just starting with little or no start up budget.


It is the goal of Zixtech Organization Orphan project to give these children a meaningful life. This is done through the payment of school fees, buying of books, buying of clothes, distribution of food and health care.

Zixtech Organization depends on the generous donations of supporters and friends. In order to establish a sustainable way of support for all children,


You can run a local campaign in your country and you can also cordinate campaign with people from other countries to raise awareness of vital issues and also to campaign for Zixtech Organzation.

Make your voice heard in many different ways.
We believe campaigning is vital if we are to solve the water and sanitation crisis.

About Us

Our vision: We hope to improve the future. Making the people, community and country better than the way it is. We give hope by improving the future.

Our Mission: To improve the inhabitants, Community, organizations. Zixtech Organization is concerned with issues of entrepreneurship, ICT, Community development, empowering grassroot organizations, health and social work in Cameroon and Africa.


Why Us


You might be thinking, "The little bit that I can do will never help much!" or "What in the world can I do?" If you've ever spent ten minutes reading a book to a lonely child, you know that even that small amount of compassion and attention can make a world of difference.


No one person can solve the world's problems, but what little you do can make your little corner of the world — or one far away from yours a happier, healthier, safer place to live for those who need your help.